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premium wordPress themes and Modern ThemesThe article goes to great lengths to tell why big corporations are losing the search engine marketing war to mom and pop. Supposedly, there’s a product online that will help the big guys get closer to mom and pop in competition. But mom and pop can use the same tool and will still have the same advantage. When it comes right down to the nitty gritty, individuals are the ones who are using the tools online to compete and win. Corporations must rely on individuals and the individuals at the top are more interested in broad trends, stats, and developing marketing segments. By the time all of that top-level stuff is rolled out, mom and pop can have their landing pages built, pay per click advertising campaigns turned on, social media marketing teams driving the Digg train, and articles running up the submission mill. The wheels will be rolling. High quality premium wordPress themes and modern themes for your business.

But even then, no matter how fast those wheels roll, if the landing page isn’t simple and if it doesn’t have a strong call to action then it won’t matter. You have to do what works. And that means getting back to the basics.

Premium WordPress Themes – Code-To-Text Ratio: Watch That Bloat

One of the biggest mistakes new webmasters make when they start building their websites is getting code crazy. They want to add every little widget, piece of Javascript code, Flash, and all the other bells and whistles available to them and they fail to watch the code bloat that slows their site’s load time down to a bear crawl. Let me caution you against all that.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your site to look cool. But you have to weigh the coolness factor with search engine benefits and usability. What usefulness will your site visitors get from your site? Furthermore, what kind of effect on search engine optimization will all those widgets and gadgets have? Some of them will have quite a lot.

If you’re going to use all the neat little features that are available to you, try putting some of that excess code into an external file. Before you set your site on live and tell all your friends and neighbors about it, test the code-to-text ratio to find out where you stand in terms of code bloat. You want your code-to-text ratio to be as low as possible without sacrificing the usability of your website for your visitors. By ensuring that you have a low code-to-text ratio, you improve your chances of improving your SEO.

Premium WordPress Themes – Why Blogging Is Good Business

A recent survey shows that 75% of businesses believe that a company blog is the most useful social media for their business. There is a good reason for that.

No. 1, a blog allows you to communicate directly with your customers. But there is one thing that can make your company blog an even better lead generation tool. Write a blog without this one thing and you might increase your business. Write a blog for your company and include this one thing and you are almost guaranteed to increase your revenues.

So what’s that one thing? Search Engine Optimization.

Yes, I’m talking about search engine optimizing your blog posts. If you optimize each blog post that you write for your company for specific keyword phrases then you stand a much better chance of gaining leads through your blog. The search engine optimization gets you better rankings so that you can attract the kind of customers that you want to attract from your marketing efforts. A blog is the best targeted and one of the most cost effective marketing tools on the planet.

Premium WordPress Themes – The Google Knol Pluses And Minuses

Does Google favor Knol pages over all other content? Matt Cutts says “No”.

There is a common conception that any time Google rolls out a new product that it will favor its own product at the expense of all competition within its search engine rankings. That’s understandable but it isn’t always true. I think it is true of products like YouTube and Blogspot. I say Blogspot because it’s such a high-spam neighborhood that any other neighborhood with the same level of spam would likely get banned from Google. Nevertheless, how many Blogspot blogs rank in Google’s SERPs every day? Case closed.

YouTube is a little bit trickier because it is actually a very valuable and highly trafficked website. And it has so little competition chasing its tail. Nevertheless, it dominates searches for video on Google despite other viable options like Yahoo! Video, Metacafe, and others.

But what about Google Knol? Here’s what Matt Cutts says:

Google Knol does not receive any sort of boost or advantage in Google’s rankings. When Knol launched, some people asked questions about this. I dutifully trundled around the web and said that Knol would not receive any special benefits in our scoring/ranking for search. With the benefit of six months’ worth of hindsight, I hope everyone can agree that Knol doesn’t get some special boost or advantage in Google’s rankings.

OK. I concede. Google Knol gets no special favors. But that’s not to say there are no search engine optimization benefits. What this means is the optimization benefits are the same as they would be for any other site on the Web. Therefore, it should be a good link building tool. Create a Google Knol and link back to your website and you should get a highly valued, relevant inbound link. Do it multiple times and you should get a several inbound links. You think?

Another thing about Google Knols, Matt Cutts suggests using them if you don’t have a blog. I agree. If you have a blog then you should use your blog for what you would otherwise use a Google Knol for, but if you don’t have a blog then by all means start building Google Knol pages. Just don’t expect them to receive any special favors.